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Our Philosophy

The Jam With Your Friends™ philosophy is primarily inspired by Shinichi Suzuki, whose aim was to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language.  

At Jam With Your Friends, we seek to innovate these concepts in order to fit into modern times.  Our highest priority is teaching songs that kids know and love.  

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished”

-Shinichi Suzuki

The Basics:

The very first order of business when teaching new students is being able to create beautiful sound with the instrument. For example, new guitar students often take a few lessons before they can push down on the strings with enough pressure to create good sound.  Once there is enough strength, the teacher can immediately dive into some fun songs to play. 

Learning Your Favorite Songs:

Today, anyone with internet access has immediate access to practically all of the world’s recorded music which gives kids the ability to be very selective with which songs they listen to. Therefore it is very important that students learn songs they identify with.  By doing this, kids fall in love with playing and wind up practicing on their own.  

Imitation And Repetition:

Imitating the teacher is the most accessible way for kids to learn music and repetition reinforces what is learned.  Our teachers often integrate fun games into the learning process in order for the child to adopt productive habits into his or her practice. 

Using Technology:

Camera phone technology allows for the teacher to assign visual homework each week if the teacher sees fit. When students reach the appropriate level, we often suggest they film themselves completing practice assignments.  This is hands down the best way to practice. This is also allows us to share the incremental progress of students with their proud parents. 


Just like Suzuki, we believe immersing a child in the right environment is key to achieving musical success. This starts in the home with weekly in-home lessons and daily encouragement from parents. 

As students get better, our goal is get kids to branch out into the greater community and perform with other students and teachers at our Annual Spring Recital

This is how we get our name. We teach you to play your favorite songs so you can Jam With Your Friends™.  

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